CNC Milling
CNC Multi-Axis Milling
We use the best CNC Milling machines currently offered on the market. We start with pure American 416 stainless steel and use a combination of 40 and 30 taper multi-axis CNC mills to ensure proper tolerances and superior cycling performance.

Deburring and Finishing
Our deburring process removes any residue or imperfections remaining on the surface of the slide, due to the nature of the CNC machining process. It is important to remove the burrs to ensure our product meets exact specifications to guarantee the function of the slide at precise tolerances. After the automative deburring process is complete, we do not stop there. A mechanical inspection team examines each slide to ensure the highest quality product.
Sorting for deburring

Heat Treating Furnace
Heat Treating
After each slide is inspected, confirming function, specifications, and quality, each unit moves on to heat treatment. Heat treating is a process that hardens the steel for a stronger, more durable slide. Please note that it is possible to over harden the steel which can compromise the function of the system. It is important to make the steel hard enough to be impact resistant and strong enough to support the explosion inside of the chamber. However, it is also important for steel to be soft enough to provide the flexibility required to distribute the forces of the explosion away from the polymer frame. This is why we are very cautious not to over harden the steel. Our slides have the perfect hard-to-soft ratio, allowing optimal performance while avoiding unnecessary strain on the frame.

Once the slides have become strong, durable, high performing machines, they are ready for the coating process. We use a combination of ceramic-polymer hybrid coatings, better known has H-series Cerakote. The H-series coatings have a low film thickness, thus avoiding any interference with the tight specifications of the slides. The. Cerakote also ensures a  corrosion and wear resistant finish. We offer a wide variety of colors to match any style preference. 
Cerakote Bottles